Repertoire and Narrative Structure


  1. The Argument
  2. Sed Diabolus
  3. Memorable Fancy
    a. The Doors of Perception
    b. A Jig of Heaven is a Jig of Hell
    c. Sabrang
    d. Kesawan
    e. Under The Darkness
    f. Irama Udan Petir
    g. The Gales Within The Roar
  4. En Route
  5. Red Chilly, Milk, and Black Rice
  6. Di Tepi Sungai Iman
  7. The Lament of Liberty


  1. The Argument
    The garden looks beautiful and glory. Jana and Nara are playing with cherubs and angels. A horse running in the background and everything looks perfect
  2. Interlude: All of sudden the sky turns into dark grey. Thunder and lightning sparks and the rain begin to fall. A torrent of water emerges and flow in the middle of the garden and becoming a river. In panic Jana is separated from Nara in the opposite side.
  3. Sed Diabolus.
    Everything turns dark and cold. Nara is confused and hoping for a light. His hope was answered, when he saw in the distance a big red and white light pulsating and slowly changing the world in myriad red and white. It is the devil, named Diablo.
    Diablo makes conversation with Nara and agrees to help him to go back to heaven to see Jana again. The problem is there is a new river separating heaven and hell that they cannot cross. They only way to go to heaven is to take different passage through hell.
  4. Memorable Fancy – an Interlude
    Nara and Diablo arrive in the gate of hell. Nara hesitates but Diablo shows an overture of what hell looks in a Dionysian energy somewhat like depiction in La Porte de l’Enfer by Auguste Rodin.
  5. The Doors of Perception
    Nara and Diablo enter the hell. Everything looks mirrored and juxtaposed. Diablo and Narra begins to blindfold themselves when there is a big fire.
  6. A Jig of Hell
    Nara and Diablo enters the next chapter of Hell. The shadow of Jana appears and Nara encounters the future of both of them foretold by Diablo using several maxims from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
  7. Sabrang (Lament of The Opposite)
    The shadow of Jana transform into a real body with special lament. Jana and Nara sing and dance lamenting their love and separation. But the spell won’t last long and she disappeared leaving Nara wondered.
  8. Kesawan
    Drawn in sadness Nara becomes ill. Diablo serves a mixture to cure. To join Nara, Diablo also drink the mixture and both of them began to have a lucid tripping dream.
  9. Under The Darkness.
    The dream takes them into the next chapter where everything is pitch-black. It is the bottom side of hell where it feels dark and cold. They were told to follow the fireflies to find the exit door
  10. Irama Udan Petir.
    The door took them into the other side of the bottom of hell, where everything looks quite opposite from before. It is fire and the depiction of catastrophe.
  11. Interlude
    Fade In, the space now looks like split by two: the darkness and the light. In the middle gradually emerge the old river that were created before
  12. The Gales within the Roar.
    Rana and Diablo are now in the opposite side with Jana.
  13. En Route.
    This the time Diablo to say goodbye to Rana. Everything now is depend on Rana how He will meet Jana.
  14. Red Chilly, Milk, and Black Rice
    Before Diablo left he give three things to Nara for the lesson he took upon to take a trip: Red Chilly, Milk, and Black Rice. Diablo left
  15. Di Tepi Sungai Iman
    Nara and Jana try to find a way to meet from the opposite of river. Finally they decided to drawn themselves in the river together.
  16. The Lament of Liberty
    The stream took them away. Fade out.