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Kali is an interdisciplinary artwork about the importance of contrary forces. It is an allusion of William Blake’s work – The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. The word “Kali” is a Javanese word that means “river.”

Kali takes the structure and narrative from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, and translate them into the story of the journey of two main characters Nara (Hell) and Jana (Heaven). Audience will see their soul searching encompass several passages from heaven, into hell, and end up by sailing down into the river of belief. The river (kali: Javanese) is the symbolism of the term “marriage” that William Blake talk about.

Kali involves dance, singing, live music, integrated with strong projected images.

Running times 75 minutes , no interval


Touring Personnel : 1 director and media artist, 50 performers, 1 production/stage manager
Venue Personnel: Bump in/out crew as required, 1 AV operator,

Plan Set and Environment Preference

Kali is best performed in the outdoor, intimate style.
Minimum stage dimension are: 20 m wide, 12m deep, and 15m high.
Kali was originally performed in outdoor at the court of Desa Cangkringan , Sleman Yogyakarta. This court has 100 m width and 25 m width. There are 18 sailing erected on bamboo act as a backdrops (please see the picture), and this is where the image being projected.
In remounting Kali, it is important to have this feature


Minimum stage dimension are: 20 m wide, 12m deep, and 15m high. In the original performance, the stage is made of planks/wood. The backdrop is painted entire black with white T-style runway. This is an importance feature. In remounting Kali, the T-style runway can be replace with white tarkett vinyl


the original lighting design is using simple 2 side floor lighting setup with orange gel. The lighting for Kali is designed to be provided by the video projection.
Company to provide generic plan, cue summary, and focus note
Venue to provide lighting designer/operator, and focus note.


Company to provide CD/DVD or MP3 file required for sound and the cue list. Sound is run through the desk of CD/DVD/Mp3 players
Company to provide percussion instruments.
Venue to provide gamelan instruments (the list will be described). The company will help to resource the instruments.
Venue to provide high quality PA system with subs and ll patching, system cables and drivers for the described system, sound desk with sufficient inputs/outputs to suit system, foldback to cover the arena.

Set Requirement

Company to provide 8 – 10 pieces in 2mx 15 m size of white sailing cloth.
Venue to provide 15 bamboos in 10 -15 m length. All rigging for the sailing cloth and required masking.

AV Requirement

Company to provide all video files, laptop with VJ mixing Software.
Venue to provide 2 high definition projectors with minimum 10,000 lumens (see projections plan)


Company to provide all costumes and make up
Venue to provide access to wardrobe and dressing room to the performers split between male and female.


Bump in days required are 3 days for the first venue of a tour (or a standalone season) and then 2 days for subsequent venues. The basic 2 days schedule is outlined below and is subject to change.
Day 1 is dedicated for stage installation and rigging, light and sound focus, and plotting and re-plotting.
Day 2 is dedicated for technical rehearsal, dress rehearsal and hour call.

Typical Performance Day

a. Warm up stage
b. Preset
c. Hour Call ( guest arrive)
d. Performance
e. Reset the stage

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